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About us

Constantin Film AG is an established name in the German media landscape. Since its beginnings, with „The Neverending Story“ and „The Name of the Rose“, it has had a profound influence on German movies in the last 40 years – both domestically and internationally.

Cinema continues to be our passion, but it is just one of many.

Our aim today is to entertain everyone on all channels perfectly and at all times.

From the star-studded Wednesday sneak preview to the family TV movie on Sunday, from the movie theater seat to the couch or on the road, from the world premiere to the final episode of the series, from regional comedy to Hollywood blockbuster, for young or old, with depth or chill factor, we are driven every day by one single question:

How can we entertain you today?

To achieve this we use all the channels, stages of exploitation and technologies that are used for entertainment today. For this reason we do not think in terms of media but of formats:

Want to watch a film?

We are the number one independent in Germany for the development, creation and distribution of self-produced and acquired film rights. Here, we exhaust all the steps in the exploitation chain – from cinema distribution and home entertainment to TV broadcasting or digital exploitation.

Or would you prefer a series?

We create, produce and market exclusive, premium-quality series for TV and video on demand, produced nationally and internationally – binge-watch factor included!

Want to see a show?

Our successful non-scripted programming also covers a broad spectrum, ranging from fashion and quizzes to sponsored sports or branded content shows.

»5 of the TOP 10 German films of the last 10 years have been produced and released to cinemas by Constantin Film.«
»3 of the TOP 15 of all films of the last 10 years in Germany have been produced and released in cinemas by Constantin Film.«
»The TOP 4 of German films released in 2019 were produced or co-produced by Constantin Film.«
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Core Business

Film production

Some of the most significant films in the history of Constantin Film include the outstanding Bernd Eichinger production "Perfume - The Story of a Murderer", the Oscar®-nominated production "Downfall" and the Oscar®-winning "Nowhere in Africa", as well as the in-house productions and co-productions "The white Massai", "The Wave", "The Baader Meinhof Complex", "Vicky the Viking", "Fack Ju Goehte 1-3", "Das perfekte Geheimnis" and the hugely and worldwide successful "Resident Evil"- franchise.

Theatrical distribution

In the segment of theatrical distribution, Constantin Film aims for a successful mixture of national and international in-house productions and co-productions and premium license deals.
One of its biggest hits of recent years has been "Fack Ju Goehte 1-3". The three films have attracted more than 21 million viewers in Germany alone. This makes the "Fack Ju Goehte"-trilogy the most successful German movie series ever.

The following releases have been scheduled for the 2021-2002 distribution line-up:
DRAGON RIDER is being re-released at cinemas to start things off as soon as they are allowed to open again: a little dragon with a big dream and an adventure that could have been made for the big screen. The silver dragon Firedrake, the forest brownie Sorrel and the orphan Ben take the audience on a quest for the “Rim of Heaven” – a magical adventure for the whole family!

Premium international productions from Constantin Film and others, such as BREAKING NEWS IN YUBA COUNTY (24 June), 100% WOLF (1 July), MONSTER HUNTER (1 July), TIDES (26 August), EIFFEL IN LOVE (16 September), WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY (25 November), the reboot of the “Resident Evil”-film franchise and AFTER LOVE, the eagerly awaited third part of the epic love story of Tessa and Hardin, promise maximum movie enjoyment!
Ostwind, Mika and Ari will be returning in 2021 for the grand finale of the successful equestrian film series: OSTWIND – DER GROSSE ORKAN will be released to cinemas on 29 July. All Eberhofer fans can look forward to 5 August, when the seventh film adaptation of Rita Falk’s cult novels, KAISERSCHMARRNDRAMA, will be hitting the cinemas.
Sönke Wortmann’s latest film, CONTRA, has already been greeted with standing ovations at the 16th Zürich Film Festival: leading actress Nilam Farooq recently won the Bavarian Film Award in the Best Actress category for her performance as law student Naima – the film will now finally be hitting the cinemas on 28 October. To round off the year, CAVEMAN (23 December), starring Moritz Bleibtreu, also promises great movie entertainment.

2022 will also have a lot of film highlights for cinemagoers to look forward to: the movie year kicks off with DER NACHNAME (20 January), the sequel to the amusing and revealing social comedy “How About Adolf” from 2018, and Anika Decker’s new comedy LIEBESDINGS (17 February), starring Elyas M’Barek, which tells the turbulent love story of a celebrated acting star and his own past. Other films announced for 2022 are Leander Haußmann’s STASIKOMÖDIE, Doris Dörrie’s FREIBAD (1 September), GUGLHUPFGESCHWADER (4 August), SONNE UND BETON, based on Felix Lobrecht’s eponymous bestseller, and Bora Dagtekin’s latest directing work, which is scheduled for release on 27 October.


In addition to distributing its own productions and co-productions, Constantin Film also distributes licensed content to German cinemas. It acquires the licenses to these films at international film markets. The films are then shown at the movie theater, on the television, exploited digitally and / or released on DVD. Constantin Film has been in very close contact with all TV broadcasters and streaming providers for years.

Home entertainment

Home entertainment is another important market segment for Constantin Film. Since 2004 it has been exploiting the video and DVD rights of its own productions and licensed titles independently in cooperation with its parent group, Highlight Communications AG, and the distribution organization of Paramount Home Entertainment. This has made the Constantin Film brand one of the leading independent content providers on the German home entertainment market.

TV, Entertainment and digital media

In the constantly growing segment of TV, entertainment and digital media, Constantin Television, which was founded in 2006 as a group subsidiary of Constantin Film AG, has been concentrating on the development and production of all national and international productions of the company group that are not intended for cinema exploitation. This extremely important strategic segment is reaching more and more people and has thus been expanded considerably.

With successful TV programming such as "Dahoam is Dahoam", "Shopping Queen", "Genial daneben" and the streaming hit “LOL: Last One Laughing”.

With high-quality TV productions such as “Shadowhunters”, “Perfume”, “The Typist”, “Shades of Guilt”, “The Master Butcher", "The Un-Word", "Playing God", “Die Heiland – Wir sind Anwalt”, the TV event “Ferdinand von Schirach: Enemies" and premium series such as “We Children from Bahnhof Zoo” and "Resident Evil".

Additionally, Constantin Film has founded a new label in 2021 called Constantin Dokumentation in order to serve the growing market for outstanding and innovative documentaries. The label is under the umbrella of Constantin Entertainment as an independent unit. The projects that are ready to be filmed and those that are already in post-production include "Anwälte des Bösen - Zwischen Gesetz und Gewissen" (Sky) and "22. Juli - Die Schüsse von München" (Sky).

The annual reports of the past years of Constantin Film AG, a subsidiary of Highlight Communications AG, can be downloaded at

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Constantin Television

Die Constantin Television GmbH wurde im Jahr 2006 gegründet und hat sich seitdem erfolgreich in der Produktion qualitativ hochwertiger fiktionaler TV-Formate etabliert.

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Constantin Entertainment

Die Constantin Entertainment GmbH ist ein Beteiligungsunternehmen der Constantin Film AG, das diverse Fernsehproduktionen realisiert und allen privaten und öffentlich-rechtlichen Sendern seine Dienste anbietet.

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Constantin Music

Die Constantin Music GmbH ist 100%ige Tochterfirma der renommierten Constantin Film AG und produziert Filmmusik und Soundtracks.

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preloader image hager_moss_film
Hager Moss Film

1989 gründeten Kirsten Hager und Eric Moss die Hager Moss Film GmbH, eine unabhängige Spielfilmproduktion mit Sitz in München. Zahlreiche Kino-, und Fernsehfilme sind bis heute entstanden.

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preloader image moovie

Gegründet 1996 von Oliver Berben, steht die Berliner Filmproduktionsfirma seit über 20 Jahren für hochkarätige und quotenstarke fiktionale Formate im deutschen Fernsehen.

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preloader image mythos_film
Mythos Film

Die Mythos Film Produktions GmbH & Co. KG wurde im Januar 2013 von Geschäftsführer Christoph Müller und dem Medienunternehmer Lars Dittrich in Berlin gegründet.

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preloader image olga_film
Olga Film

Seit über 40 Jahren bewegt sich die OLGA FILM an der Schnittstelle von Unterhaltung und Anspruch. Immer auf der Suche nach neuen Regie- und Buchtalenten mit außergewöhnlichen Filmprojekten.

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preloader image ratpack
Rat Pack Filmproduktion

Die Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH ist eine deutsche Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mit Sitz in München und Berlin.

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