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4. Oktober 2018

Constantin Film and Toho Co., Ltd. have teamed up to finance the film adaptation of Capcom’s highly successful video game MONSTER HUNTER, to be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Martin Moszkowicz, Executive Chairman Constantin Film: “In a shifting market environment, to make a brand based movie like Monster Hunter and bring it to a global audience warrants a partnership of such great companies and the sterling creative team we have assembled.”

Yoshishige Shimatani, President of Toho Co., Ltd.: “We are thrilled to announce the live-action adaptation of the acclaimed Japanese video game developer, CAPCOM’s worldwide mega-hit franchise, which will be produced by the same filmmakers that led the Resident Evil film series into global success. We look forward to bringing more films based on Japanese IP, such as Monster Hunter, to the international audiences. “

MONSTER HUNTER tells the story of two heroes who come from different worlds but fight mutual enemies: monsters. If they want to get through this adventure, they must learn to work together and trust each other. Because this is a matter of life and death …

MONSTER HUNTER is produced by Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt from Impact Pictures, and by Robert Kulzer and Martin Moszkowicz from Constantin Film. Dennis Berardi, Head of VFX for the film, also acts as producer. The screenplay to MONSTER HUNTER was written by Paul W.S. Anderson, who also directs the film. Principal Photography will start in October, in South Africa and Namibia. Constantin Film will release the movie in German Speaking Territories and Toho in Japan. Sony’s Screen Gems will release the film in the U.S. with the studio’s Sony Pictures Releasing International handling distribution in the rest of the world.

The deal was negotiated by Constantin Film’s Martin Moszkowicz, Nick Hanks, Gero Worstbrock and Norbert Hermannstädter; Steve Saltzman and Gregg Ramer of Paul Hastings on behalf of Constantin; and Jill Smith of Kleinberg Lange Cuddy & Carlo LLP on behalf of Toho.

The MONSTER HUNTER video game series was created by renowned Japanese video game developers Capcom. Since the first MONSTER HUNTER title made its debut 14 years ago in 2004, the series has attracted a dedicated fan base, and overall grown into a mega-hit, with Monster Hunter: World, the latest title in the series, shipping 10 million units, and cumulative sales of the series exceeding 50 million units as of August 2018.

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About Constantin Film

Constantin Film has been synonymous with quality and success for nearly 40 years. It has played a crucial role in establishing German cinema both nationally and internationally. Between 1977, when Bernd Eichinger established the company, and today, Constantin Film has emerged as the most successful independent production and distribution company in the German media industry. Constantin Film's operations include German and English language motion picture theatrical production, theatrical distribution, home entertainment distribution, licensing and television production. Constantin Film's diverse slate includes box office hits and award-winning films alike, ranging from comic book to literary adaptations, historical dramas, action and genre, among them THE NEVERENDING STORY, THE FANTASTIC FOUR film franchise, THE NAME OF THE ROSE, NOWHERE IN AFRICA, DOWNFALL, PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER, THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, POPE JOAN, THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS, FACK JU GÖHTE 1-3, three of the biggest ever German box office hits, the RESIDENT EVIL film franchise and TV series SHADOWHUNTERS - THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS.

About Toho Co., Ltd.

Toho Company, Limited, is a Japanese entertainment studio focused on the development, production, exhibition, and distribution of powerful content for motion pictures, television and theater. Founded in 1932, it remains a prominent force in bringing brands and original storytelling with versatile talents to audiences worldwide. Its subsidiaries include Toho Cinemas, the leading exhibition company in Japan.

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