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preloader image ammaasante

Constantin Film’s SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW Adaption Lands Amma Asante to Direct

Constantin Film has tapped Amma Asante (BELLE, A UNITED KINGDOM) to direct its upcoming high-profile drama series SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW, based on the bestselling book by Peter Höeg, created and written by Clive Bradley (TRAPPED).

The series follows Smilla Jaspersen, whose investigation into the mysterious death of an immigrant Inuit child from the projects evolves into a much grander supernatural epic. Her search for answers sets her on a journey to her native home of Greenland, where a mysterious extraterrestrial object hidden deep in the ice and averting evil for millennia is waiting for the right person to unlock its powers.

The book was already adapted for the big screen by Bille August in 1997, starring Julia Ormond, and produced by Bernd Eichinger and Martin Moszkowicz. Executive Producers of its new TV adaption are Constantin Film’s member of the executive board Oliver Berben and Robert Kulzer, Producer is Martin Moszkowicz, CEO of Constantin Film. Colin Scully, Alex Westmore and Brandon Zimon will oversee the project for the company.

The studio is expected to take the project out shortly to US premium cable and streamers.

Amma Asante: “I’m absolutely delighted to be helming a show with such a powerful female lead at its center. Peter Höeg’s 1993 novel gave us a potent social commentary, with a heroine ahead of her time, that illuminated themes more relevant today than ever. It was a compelling alchemy for me, and a wonderful jumping-off point for our update into a modern supernatural thriller that asks poignant questions for our times.”

Robert Kulzer: “We felt compelled to revisit this groundbreaking novel thirty years later because of the extraordinary prescience of its topics and themes. Amma has a brilliant emotional and intellectual grasp of the story and we could not be more excited to go on this journey with her.”

In TV, Asante most recently directed Cate Blanchett in MRS. AMERICA and Elizabeth Moss in THE HANDMAID’S TALE. All of her episodes have been lauded by critics. On the feature side, Amma’s filmography is made up of character-driven stories thematically centered on strangers in a strange land. After winning the BAFTA for Outstanding Debut for A WAY OF LIFE, which anatomizes a tale of racism and poverty, she continued with a streak of topical, commercially-sensible movies which featured stars such as Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo, Tom Wilkinson, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson, all critically acclaimed (such as The New York Times calling A UNITED KINGDOM “remarkable, genuinely riveting work”).

Asante is represented by Mosaic, CAA, United Agents, and Barry Littman at Hansen, Jacobson, Teller.

Nick Hanks, Senior EVP Business & Legal Affairs and Operations negotiated the deal on behalf of Constantin along with Sarah Santos of Media Strategies International.


About Constantin Film 

Constantin Film has been synonymous with quality and success for over 40 years. It has played a crucial role in establishing German cinema both nationally and internationally. Between 1977, when Bernd Eichinger established the company, and today, Constantin Film has emerged as the most successful independent production and distribution company in the German media industry. Constantin Film’s operations include German and English language motion picture theatrical production, theatrical distribution, home entertainment distribution, licensing and television production.

Constantin Film’s diverse slate includes box office hits and award-winning films alike, ranging from comic book to literary adaptations, historical dramas, action and genre, among them THE NEVERENDING STORY, THE FANTASTIC FOUR film franchise, THE NAME OF THE ROSE, NOWHERE IN AFRICA, DOWNFALL, PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER, THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, POPE JOAN, THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS, FACK JU GOEHTE 1-3, three of the biggest ever German box office hits, the RESIDENT EVIL film franchise and MONSTER HUNTER.

In the ever growing field of TV and streaming platforms, Constantin Film has also been stepping up its television production business, including BLACK BEAUTY for Disney+, global hit series SHADOWHUNTERS and PERFUME, the highly anticipated series adaption of WE CHILDREN FROM BAHNHOF ZOO and numerous other shows for major streaming platforms and broadcasters in Germany and around the world. Constantin Film will also produce a RESIDENT EVIL series for Netflix, which is set to start production soon.

For any questions please contact:

Constantin Film Filmpresse

Tel.: +49 89 44 44 600