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Constantin Film AG has been a symbol of quality and success for more than 40 years. This means it has made a crucial contribution to the development and renown of the German film - both at home and abroad. The company, which is part of Highlight Communications AG, is still one of the most important independent German makers and distributors of productions in the entire field of audio-visual fiction and non-fiction.

This involves the development, production and exploitation of self-produced and acquired film rights. All stages of the exploitation chain are included here, from cinema distribution and home entertainment to TV broadcasting or digital exploitation.

The Constantin Film Group also creates products for German and international TV channels and streaming services.

Whether it is TV or cinema, an elementary component of this success is close and long-standing contact to the best producers, directors, actors and authors. This creative culture has been cultivated passionately by Bernd Eichinger and the management to such an extent that there are now more than 50 creatives with close ties to the company and the demand for the best quality is guaranteed consistently and at a high stroke rate.


Film production

Constantin Film (and its subsidiaries) has a total of 14 cinema productions for which shooting started in 2018. 11 of these are being distributed by Constantin Film in Germany, one of them is available worldwide on Netflix (POLAR) and two productions are with other German media distribution companies. The most successful German-language production in 2018 also came from a Constantin Film subsidiary: Rat Pack produced JIM KNOPF which so far has reached an audience of approximately 1.8 million. WHAT ABOUT ADOLF? and SAUERKRAUTKOMA also passed the 1 million mark in 2018.

The most significant films in the history of Constantin Film include the outstanding Bernd Eichinger production “Perfume - The Story of a Murderer”, the Oscar®-nominated production “Downfall” and the Oscar®-winning “Nowhere in Africa” and the self-productions and co-productions “The White Massai”, “The Wave”, “The Baader Meinhof Complex”, “Vicky the Viking”, "Fack Ju Goehte 1-3" and the worldwide successful “Resident Evil” franchise.


Theatrical distribution

In the segment of theatrical distribution, Constantin Film aims for a successful mixture of national and international self-productions and co-productions and premium licence deals.

One of the great hits of recent years has been FACK JU GOEHTE 1-3. The three films have attracted more than 21 million viewers in Germany alone. This makes the FACK JU GOEHTE trilogy the most successful German film series ever.

The theatrical distribution success statistics are impressive:

-          10 of the TOP 20 and 4 of the TOP 10 German films of the last ten years in Germany were distributed by Constantin Film. All 10 films were produced or co-produced by Constantin Film AG companies.

-          3 of the TOP 10 of all films of the last ten years in Germany were distributed by Constantin Film. All 3 films were produced or co-produced by Constantin Film AG companies.

-          4 of the TOP 6 German films in Germany in 2018 were produced or co-produced by Constantin Film AG companies. 3 of them were distributed by Constantin Film.

In 2019, Constantin Film will once again offer the right selection for every cinemagoer: audiences will be able to start the year off in a good mood with French megastar Omar Sy in BELLEVILLE COP and THE UPSIDE. Other filmhighlights include: Elyas M’Barek in THE COLLINI CASE and UNTITLED BORA DAGTEKIN PROJECT, KIRSCHBLÜTEN & DÄMONEN by Doris Dörrie, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill and Snoop Dogg in BEACH BUM, Felicitas Woll and Janina Uhse in the movie sequel to the cult series BERLIN, BERLIN, novel adaptation THE SILENCE (directed by genre specialist John R. Leonetti) and the film adaptation of the international bestseller phenomenon AFTER PASSION. Young fans in particular are keenly awaiting the fourth part of the successful WINDSTORM (OSTWIND) series, OSTWIND – ARIS ANKUNFT, and with DIE DREI !!!, Constantin Film is bringing another family entertainment children’s literature classic to the big screen. Bavarian humour enthusiasts can also look forward to LEBERKÄSJUNKIE, the latest Eberhofer adventure following up on SAUERKRAUTKOMA, which broke the million barrier in 2018. Another special treat is EINE GANZ HEISSE NUMMER 2.0, the sequel to the 2011 cult comedy, starring Rosalie Thomass, Gisela Schneeberger and Bettina Mittendorfer.


Licence trading

In addition to distributing its own productions and co-productions, Constantin Film also distributes licenced productions to German cinemas. It acquires the licences to these films at international film fairs. The films are then shown at the cinema, on the television, exploited digitally and / or released on DVD. Constantin Film has been in very close contact with all TV channels and streaming providers for years.


Home entertainment

Home entertainment is another important market segment for Constantin Film. Since 2004 it has been exploiting the video and DVD rights of its own productions and licence titles independently in cooperation with its parent group, Highlight Communications AG, and the distribution organisation of Paramount Home Entertainment. This has made the Constantin Film brand one of the leading independent programme providers on the German home entertainment market.


TV, Entertainment and digital media

In the constantly growing segment of TV, entertainment and digital media, Constantin Television, which was founded in 2006 as a group subsidiary of Constantin Film AG, has been concentrating on the development and production of all national and international productions of the company group that are not intended for cinema exploitation. This segment, which is extremely important strategically, is reaching more and more people and for this reason has been expanded considerably in the last few months.



Furthermore, a high-budget worldwide exclusive has also been made for Netflix for the first time, in the form of POLAR.

Further premium series such as THE WAVE and RESIDENT EVIL are to follow.

Successful projects were also implemented within the new Corporate Content segment, including the EON Games Show, with a total reach of 10 million users, 80,000 active players and more than 10,000 social media comments.

The business reports of Constantin Film AG from previous years can be viewed at www.highlight-communications.ch.