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One of Constantin Film’s most important goals was and remains to always produce high-quality films for the national and international movie market. Because of the overcrowded market, in the future Constantin Film will produce less movies overall, and will place a focus on elaborate S3D productions, films with event status, family entertainment productions, as well as adaptations of best-selling novels.

Constantin Film has partnered with many renowned and experienced producers over the years, including Uschi Reich and Bavaria Filmproduktion, Prof. Günter Rohrbach, Ulrich Limmer’s collina Film Production, the producer duo Max Wiedemann and Quirin Berg, and the Cologne-based production company Little Shark Entertainment from Sönke Wortmann and Tom Spieß. In addition, our subsidiaries and associated companies are some of our most important partners. These include Olga Film with producers Harry Kügler, Anita Schneider, and Viola Jäger, MOOVIE GmbH with Oliver Berben, and Christian Becker’s Rat Pack Film Production and Westside Film Production. Within the scope of its international projects, Constantin Film has worked successfully with another associated company for many years: Impact Pictures and producers Robert Kulzer, Paul W.S. Anderson, and Jeremy Bolt.  In addition, long-term, extremely close business relationships with major national and international authors, directors, and actors represent a key component of Constantin Film’s success.

With his unbridled creativity and passion, Bernd Eichinger shaped the German film landscape – both domestically and internationally – for years on end. His creative influence has always been reflected in Constantin Film’s activities and structure. He used his one-of-a-kind expertise in the film industry to support a new generation of producers, and now more than 15 renowned producers have close ties to the company and have already been responsible for a constant stream of productions in recent years. Thanks to their projects, they will ensure that in the future, Constantin Film will continue to produce successful movies. 


In addition to distributing films produced by the company itself or co-productions, Constantin Film also brings third-party productions to German movie theaters.  It purchases the licenses to these films at national and international film trade shows. The films are then either shown in movie theaters or published on DVD. Successful movies licensed by Constantin Film include Dances with Wolves, Alexander, The Sixth Sense, and the Step Up to the Streets series.

Constantin Film AG has held close business relationships with the major German TV networks for many years, and sells to these networks the rights to broadcast films produced by the company, co-productions, as well as licensed works on pay-per-view and free TV channels. 


In addition to producing its own films, Constantin Film also distributes films by its countless production partners both domestically and internationally. For the last 10 years, the company has maintained its position as the top German distribution company. In the last five years, one half of all movie tickets sold for German movies (on average) were for a movie distributed by Constantin Film.


Home Entertainment is another important market segment for Constantin Film. In collaboration with its parent company Highlight Communications AG and Paramount Home Entertainment’s sales organization, the company has exploited the video and DVD rights to its own productions and licensed titles since 2004. As a result, the brand “Constantin Film” has become one of the leading independent program providers in the German-language home entertainment market.


TV production is also an important business segment for Constantin Film. Its subsidiaries Olga Film GmbH, MOOVIE – the art of entertainment GmbH, Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH and Westside Film GmbH, Constantin Television GmbH, as well as Polyscreen – Produktionsgesellschaft für Film und Fernsehen mbH produce high-quality and successful entertainment formats for the German TV market. When it comes to TV shows and entertainment, Constantin Entertainment GmbH is one of the leading German production companies. Some of its numerous productions include "Shopping Queen", "Genial daneben", "Mario Barth räumt auf", "Der RTL Comedy Grand Prix", "Chris! Boom! Bang!", "Bülents große Überraschungsshow", "Guidos Masterclass", "Die versteckte Kamera" or "Frauentausch". In other European countries, Constantin Entertainment GmbH’s local subsidiaries are successful with a variety of different formats.